Adults are becoming far more likely to have braces

Move over adolescents, because adults are beginning to embrace braces. Once thought of as a selective rite of passage for youth, braces are now transforming into an easy option for adults. The reasoning? New technology, alternative choices, and affordable treatment are allowing adults to once again shine those pearly whites.

A smile is worth a thousand words—this is now proving to be the honest truth. Studies have shown that having a good smile can help advance people in both the professional and social world.

adult braces teeth straighteningAdults have seemed to notice this too, and in the past few years desire for better smiles is translating into action. According to a study done by the American Association of Orthodontists in 2012, about 20 percent of patients receiving orthodontic care were 18 or older. That results in about 1.2 million adults being treated—a 40% increase from just 20 years ago.

Various products are providing better options for adults considering braces. Things like Invisalign, which are clear aligners without the metal brackets, and lingual bracelets, which hide brackets on the inside of the teeth, allow adults to have braces in the most attractive way.

Whether it be a major life event, the sight of a picture, or a desired boost in confidence, adults are getting motivated to make a change in their teeth. Even celebrities such as Faith Hill have rocked braces at an older age.

Health problems have also pushed more adults into brace phase. Small problems such as getting food stuck between crooked teeth have become an impetus for many older aged people to climb on board with braces.

So if you have always been ashamed of showing those teeth of yours, now is the time to make a change. Contact your orthodontist for more information regarding braces, and be on your way to that sensational smile.