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SuperGrin SuperDeal!

All New Patients Will Receive $700 Off Braces Or Invisalign & An Oral B Toothbrush. Schedule A Complimentary Consultation Today!


(Full treatment only. Not to be combined with any other offer or insurance discount plan.)


Let me tell you how much I love my teeth. I can remember the day my mom took me to SuperGrin Orthodontics to get my braces on and I remember walking out those doors in tears, so angry. But the day I had them removed, the first thing I could say to my mom was, “Thank you! I love my teeth!” My mom and SuperGrin Orthodontics gave me the best gift I could receive, a beautiful smile.
Before I had braces, I never really wanted to smile and show my teeth. I was always thinking about what other people thought when I smiled. When I got my braces on, I was really excited to see the results when I got done. When I would go to an appointment, they got me in fast and finished up quickly. They had really great customer service and the girls that work in the office are really cute too! Dr. Berg and his team are really great people and are sure good at what they do. Now that I got my braces off, I can smile proudly with straight teeth, I feel like a whole new person! Thanks Dr. Berg!
Let’s face it, braces aren’t fun, joyful, or attractive. However, SuperGrin Orthodontics is very good at eliminating these negative features. My experience with SuperGrin Orthodontics has been extremely enjoyable. I actually like going to the orthodontist! As soon as I step into the office, I’m overwhelmed with a feeling of ease and comfort. Dr. Berg and his assistants are extremely kind and always make me feel welcome. Not only are the people at SuperGrin Orthodontics super nice, they’re amazing at their job! They gave me an “Award Winning Smile” in as little as 7 months! I love my new smile!.
A little over a year ago I went in for a visit with Dr. Berg to see about getting braces. My first impression of him was that he was a very nice guy and a big perfectionist—which I liked because I wanted my smile to be picture perfect! He told me that he could get my braces on and off within 12 months with my teeth looking great! I was so excited because I had a friend who had already had her braces on for about a year at that time and I was able to get mine off before she did! I was pleasantly surprised at how fast and virtually pain free my experience was. Dr. Berg was always very gentle and put me at ease. I have complete confidence that he can help you get your own picture perfect smile!
Having my braces done was an adventure and it is totally worth it. Doctor Berg is great. He did a wonderful job and the staff is super friendly and nice. It changed my life having my braces done; I feel better and beautiful. A smile is a really important thing. Doctor Berg is an exceptional professional and I have to say he is the best orthodontist in Utah! Look at the results 🙂 I have to say I would do it again! The results were great and I always get the biggest compliments about my smile and how beautiful it is. Thanks for everything!
My time at SuperGrin Orthodontics was fast and easy. They have great service and because they are open late hours, it is convenient. I never had to miss a day of school. They are enthusiastic about their work and are comfortable to be around.