A new study in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics has linked bullying to buck teeth. The researchers studied the bullying tendencies of 6th graders and found that the number one feature that bullies targeted was teeth. Of course bullying has no bounds, but identifying those who are most targeted and at-risk can help in prevention.

buck tooth treatment The social implications of bullying manifest themselves as guilt, self-consciousness, and insecurity. It is important to note that buck teeth are never the child’s fault, and if a child does have buck teeth or any other dental issues they should be treated as soon as possible to prevent any future or more severe dental problems.

Buck teeth can be caused by crowding or spacing issues, or from severe protrusion problems. This can often be a result of thumb-sucking behaviors. Any form of protrusion or bite problems can lead to more painful and severe problems that become more difficult to treat with time. So while bullying is one consequence of protruded teeth, dental complications down the road are just as serious.

Buck teeth can often be treated with a simple retainer, but may sometimes require more comprehensive treatment in the form of braces. Unfortunately, buck teeth and other dental problems do not discriminate against income, and treatment can often seem unaffordable. At SuperGrin Orthodontics, Dr. Berg believes that healthy teeth should be affordable for everyone, so we provide options that fit everyone in need. It is important to intervene earlier rather than later to prevent more serious problems that require more expensive, comprehensive, and long-term treatment.

It is critical to mention that bullying should never be tolerated and both the bullies and the victims of bullying should be dealt with seriously and sensitively. Although dental treatment has been shown to improve self-confidence in adolescents, further psychological treatment should be considered to deal with residual effects of bullying.