When most people hear about an option for straightening teeth that doesn’t involve shiny metal in the mouth, it is understandably attractive. But then questions arise. Does Invisalign work as good as normal braces? Is it faster, more comfortable, etc.?

Understanding the answers to these questions is important for making a good decision. Of course, Dr. Berg will help you make the right decision, but here is some information to get you started!

Does Invisalign Treat Every Issue That Braces Can Treat?

invisalign orem utah countyCrowding, overbite and deep bite can all be treated with both Invisalign and traditional braces. Spacing issues inbetween teeth can also both be treated with both systems. For more complex cases, Dr. Berg may recommend going with traditional braces.

Is Eating Different With Both Systems?

This is one area where Invisalign has a clear advantage. The clear aligners that are used with this system can be removed when you eat, meaning that you essentially eat normally. With normal braces, food often gets stuck in between wires and the teeth. Pretzels, nuts, certain candy, carrots, corn on the cob often are difficult to eat or sacrificed when a person wears regular braces.

Along with eating, teeth brushing is more normal with Invisalign, again because the aligners can be removed.

Why Would I Get Either?

Many would prefer to have nothing in their mouth to straighten teeth. But both braces and Invisalign can be important for helping young people avoid future problems. When teeth aren’t aligned and spaced properly, the gums don’t fit as securely around the teeth, leading to potential problems. Crooked teeth can affect the entire mouth, oral hygiene, speech and eating.

Straight teeth are not just important for oral health and functioning, however. They are important for first impressions, self-confidence and more. Come consult with Dr. Berg at SuperGrin Orthodontics to see what the best option might be for you!