The simple answer to this question is yes. But the treatment depends on the expertise of the orthodontist and the commitment of the patient.

Invisalign EatingInvisalign is a system for teeth-straightening that uses a series of plastic aligners to move the teeth into a healthier position. This makes the system characteristically different than traditional braces, which are attached to the teeth and then progressively tightened and adjusted to move the teeth.

Invisalign is unique in that a patient can remove the aligner to eat and brush teeth. This makes for a much more convenient orthodontic experience. But patients beware; it may be tempting to take out the retainers too often. The orthodontist will give you specific instructions on wearing the retainers, and so a patient has the responsibility to follow those instructions so that the procedure works as effectively as possible.

The greatest success comes when the aligners are worn at all times, except when eating or cleaning teeth. They need to be worn when sleeping too.

Invisalign, as before mentioned, uses clear aligners, meaning that while your teeth are being straightened, many people will never even know it, because the system is transparent.

The system is a great cosmetic option, meaning that it aligns the teeth but isn’t always good for more serious conditions. Talk with your orthodontist about what the system can do for your condition.

Patients have a responsibility to understand how the treatment works. Every so often you’ll get new trays, which is how the progression of straightening works. Wearing the trays is of course vital. You’ll need to become accustomed to the system. Some say the first few days are difficult, but it gets much easier to deal with over time.

Since they are virtually invisible, social gatherings are a breeze with Invisalign aligners. So wear them as often as directed by your orthodontist and you will get a great result.