You are going to spend a significant amount of time with braces, so it is important to choose the kind that best fits you, be it traditional braces, self ligating braces, invisible braces or ceramic.

Traditional Braces

Most everyone knows what these are. Metal brackets and wires work to align the teeth and correct bite problems. The traditional braces of decades past have upgraded with sleeker, more efficient design today.

types of braces utah countyWhile traditional braces are not as efficient, will cause discomfort when they are tightened, and are the most noticeable kind of orthodontic care, they are often the least expensive, and the ability to choose colors can make them more desirable for the younger generation.

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Self Ligating Braces

Self ligating braces have been significantly replacing traditional braces over the last 10-20 years. About half of all orthodontists are now using this type of brace. There are many brands of this type of brace including Speed, Empower, Damon, Innovation R, etc. but they basically do the same thing. Self ligating braces are always tight, and there is no need to tighten them at monthly appointments, so this means that they can hurt less often and can move the teeth more consistently. They often lead to faster treatment times as well. For many patients, speed, convenience, and comfort is the best choice for them.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces represent an effort to make traditional braces less noticeable. They replace the metal brackets of traditional braces with tooth-colored ceramic. These types of braces can be manufactured in a traditional style or a self ligating style.

Clear braces are similar, in that they try to make the bracket portion of the orthodontic care invisible.

Interior/Lingual Braces

This system utilizes the same basic design of brackets and wires to align the teeth, but they are attached on the inside of the teeth, obscured from view. While you do get to preserve your smile with this type, they can be harder to clean and adjust. In some patients, speech can also be affected.


Probably the best option for those wishing to correct their smiles in a subtle way, the Invisalign system uses clear plastic retainers custom designed for each mouth to slowly move the front teeth into the correct position. This option is best for teens and adults where appearance is a priority, but often doesn’t work as well with some of the more serious orthodontic cases.

Remember that Dr. Berg has only your best interests in mind. He will be able to recommend the best variety of orthodontic care for your situation, so come in for a free consultation.